CES 2018 Highlight: On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor

From all of the gadgets and devices that were unveiled at CES this year, Vivo’s smartphone stood out the most.

Vivo made a phone that has an on-screen fingerprint sensor built in. Not only will this change the way smartphones are made, but this kind of technology will recreate all smart devices.

This type of feature currently only can be used with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip, which the Vivo smartphone obviously uses.

While I don’t believe that the next iPhone will have this feature, Android phones across the board may see a new bump in features, adding to the list the new fingerprint sensor if implemented

Samsung has the most potential to bring this feature this year, since they bought heaps of 845 chips recently for their new phones. Google may or may not bring an on-screen fingerprint sensor to the Pixel line, but if they do it could bring their new smartphones to the forefront of Android.

It’s important to remember that this is all talk. Some CES products aren’t released until years after or are shut down before the release. It would be nice, though.


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