Dear Samsung…

Hey, Samsung! How’s it going? I know with 100% confidence you’re reading this for sure, so while I have your attention, why don’t I tell you what I think you should do or I hope you do with your next line of Smartphones

1. Move the damn fingerprint sensor

Samsung, we aren’t giants with hands as big as couch. We can’t reach that fingerprint sensor next to the camera without two things possibly going wrong; accidentally scrubbing the camera lens a thousand times in a year or doing the shimmy with our hands to hit the sensor (not the camera hopefully) and then shimmy the hand back down.

We don’t want to do jazz hands every time we need to use our phone. If you move down the fingerprint sensor this year, we’ll forgive you for this year. Or just bring the on-screen fingerprint sensor this year since we both know the new snapdragon 845 chip can handle it.

2. Beef up the battery

We remember the Galaxy Note 7 crisis, so we understand the lower battery on the Note 8. But this year, since you already built up the loyalty and trust to where it was before, let’s start competing now. Phones in China are coming in at 3500 mAh or bigger.

Note 8 left, S8+ middle, and S8 right.

This year needs to continue the build up. By now you’ve most likely figured out the problem with why Note 7 and know how to prevent it from ever happening again, so you don’t need to please the ones who don’t want to be pleased. Bring the power to the note.

3. Slap that new Snapdragon 845 in there

Hey, we heard about the purchase you made with buying in bulk the brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip for the Galaxy S line. Let’s make sure that goes to the Note as well. Thank you.

4. Get those bezels out of here, man

C’mon now. We know you can make a close-to all-screen smartphone. You’re just dragging it along. If you don’t step it up this year, Apple’s gonna take a bite into your core consumers. Watch out.

Thanks for reading, Samsung. I know your business is watching me intensely so I will be watching you as well.

PS: get rid of that awful Bixby button, and even better get rid of Bixby altogether. You can’t compete with Google or Google Assistant. Please stop.


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