Are Android Phones Being Throttled, Too?

In light of the recent class action lawsuit of almost a trillion dollars against Apple, many questions have risen from the throttling controversy, such as this: are Android phones being throttled, too?

The short is answer is that it’s entirely possible, yet probably not happening in every scenario.

Follow me down this route with two reasons why:

1. There are many phones running Android

Where the iPhone exclusively using iOS, the Android operating system (OS) is used by more companies than I could think of. Apple controls the market of iOS, but any phone company that uses android does not own the OS besides Google, who has given endless businesses the opportunity to use the software.

2. The Android Market is competitive, and iOS is authoritative

Think this way: Samsung is one of the most widely known companies that run android on their devices, so it would make sense if they made older phones slower to get people to buy their new phones since they own the majority of the Android Market. But a small brand company from China will more likely steer clear from slowing down their Android devices, in order to build trust with their customers and compete with the big boys.

Apple can realistically do what they want with their phones and their software, because they own it, exclusively use it and can control the whole spectrum of the user interface. They can mess it up, slow it down and overwork the processor in order to wear it down of a span of time, and kill battery life in the process.

The only difference is they’re the only ones who’ve admitted to doing it so far.


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