Apple Updates iOS to 11.2. Here are the Highlights of the New Release

Early on Saturday morning, Apple fixed a bug that crashed your iPhone when the clock struck 12:15 am on December 2nd. Now, you didn’t turn into a princess like Cinderella; it was more along the lines of it crashing when third-party apps used recurring notifications like reminders and alarm clocks, so Apple fixed this with their new big update, iOS 11.2. Along with the bug fix, a couple new features were released that may spark your interest, but I do understand not many Apple consumers read the convoluted and verbose technical documentation because it’s just a pain, so I’ll give you the cliff notes:

Apple Pay Cash

The most important feature that was added to iOS with this update is Apple Pay Cash. We’ve had a few years to use Apple Pay, a way to exchange money with a credit or debit card from your phone. It’s been picked up by a myriad of companies with huge success, and it’s about time they start to make it even more simple with using it through iMessage and making it optimized to be used with cash. https3a2f2fblueprint-api-production-s3-amazonaws-com2fuploads2fcard2fimage2f6430992f920cce36-2998-4ce8-b4b5-c8e642973999This gives you peer-to-peer payments with just a couple clicks.

This feature can be related to the use of Venmo, who has been doing this for years already. Apple will store cash received through this new feature with an Apple Pay Cash card that keeps track of your cash balance. The cash on the card can be transferred to your credit/debit card or bank, used to buy things with Apple Pay with third-party apps such as Starbucks or kept on your phone for other transactions with peers in the future.


Fast Wireless Charging

Along with Apple Pay Cash, iOS 11.2 brings the highly-discussed fast wireless charging for the iPhone X and 8 models. This gives the iPhones 7.5-watt speeds with Qi-charging (the most used wireless charging technology) giving them the ability to charge where only select Android devices could previously.


Other additions include brand new live wallpapers, more customization for the control center and some pop-ups to explain how it works now. Apple recommends downloading the iOS 11.2 update immediately to prevent any further crashes on iPhones.



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