Razer Phone Has Some Killer Features. Take Notes, Apple.

Razer recently released their new Razer Phone on Friday, Nov. 17, and it’s getting some great press coverage, including myself. Now I don’t need to own this phone in order to understand it’s power, capabilities and stat-sheet royalty, so let me show you why I think smartphone manufacturers will begin to clone this phone instead of the iPhone.



Razer has given their pride and joy the opportunity to be known as the flagship phone for gaming (who would’ve guessed). The refresh rates can go up to 120 Hz, which means your game won’t freeze up, lag or stutter, along with an eye-popping Quad HD display to really capture your attention.



The audio is something I’ve honestly thought I could only dream of. Razer is giving the people what they want and putting speaker grills (certified by THX, mind you) on the top and bottom of the front. This means not only do you have a great display and speedy graphics but can also be immersed in the truly best all-around sounding and loudest smartphone on the market right now (watch Lou’s video for reference to the speakers high quality).


The Razer Phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with 8GB RAM. To put this into terms with relativity, the MacBook I’m currently writing this article with has 8 GB of RAM, which means it can withstand any program, app or game in its path.


Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 6.31.29 PM
Here’s some proof for you skeptics



Okay, I have to admit that Razer may have stolen a play out of Apple’s playbook, but if you want to have the best phone on the market, sometimes you have to create a melting pot of great features. The phone comes with dual 12MP cameras, one f1.7 wide angle lens and a 2x telephoto lens. Although this wasn’t an original thought, Razer would be penalized in my book for not incorporated a sweet camera setup of some sort. In the end, it’s not a deciding factor at all, but it’s always lovely to see a company trying at every angle-pun intended-to wield the best phone out there.




And my favorite feature of them all has got to be the battery on this thing- 4,000 mAh. Let me again give this some relativity. The iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X have some great and long-lasting battery. with Moderate use, they are both expected to last throughout the day and into the night. The iPhone 8 Plus contains 2691 mAh and the iPhone X with 2716 mAh (this is not a big difference but see Lifehacker’s article on why the iPhone 8 Plus has a better battery than the X, yet it’s smaller). The next best battery on the market besides the Razer Phone is the Google Pixel 2 XL with 3520 mAh, but the Pixel has been proven to be very buggy and slow compared to any of the former phones mentioned. 4,000 mAh won’t just get you through the day and night with moderate usage; it will get you through the “shucks! I forgot to charge my phone last night” situation with ease. Not only does the battery last long but it can be charged up fairly fast with it’s Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ capabilities.



With all of these features, there’s no way I can’t not like this phone. I will eventually get my hands on it, but for now, I can only wait for Apple to take a long and hard look at this phone and quite literally take notes.

Buy the Razer Phone here (not a sponsor or affiliate link).



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