Possible iPhone “Phablet” for Next Year

After seeing what Apple has released for this year’s line of iPhones, I know exactly what I want next year, and I’ll be praying that it happens.

I believe that this year was a transition year from Apple giving us the iPhone 8 line. People didn’t know how they felt about Face ID and the new iPhone X with no home button, so they provided a backup plan for skeptical customers to fall back on.

I realize now that I am one of those skeptics, but not in the way you think. I just want a plus version of the iPhone X, and next year I think we’re going to get it.

9to5Mac found renders last month of a iPhone X Plus with a 6.4″ display. Yes you read that correctly: 6.4 inches of screen.

Let me put that in perspective for you: there are 7 inch tablets out there selling very well, but they aren’t phones. The iPad Mini 4 has a 7.9″ display. How can this not make your jaw drop?

You may think I would be very skeptical to this idea of a Phablet -the word phone combined with the word tablet- but not only does it intrigue me, it will also be my next iPhone.

Around 2012, Phablets started to gain traction with mobile phone companies on the Android Market, but I’m not talking about the Galaxy Note or iPhone Plus; even bigger phones were being created. It wasn’t out of nowhere, either. These were the times when companies were seeing how big they could get the phone to be while keeping it thin and healthy, and they just couldn’t find a steady market until Apple saw the Samsung Galaxy Note and decided to make it their own style with the iPhone Plus models 4 years ago. Now, they did bend at first, but their stability on the market only increased every year after that “will it bend” crisis was put to rest.

After the iPhone X’s release with an all screen front, we can only hope Apple really starts to kick it into high gear and innovate on this idea on a bigger scale, pun intended.


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