Smart iPhone X Buyers Can Make A Quick Profit From This

While other people are buying the cheapest version of the iPhone X this week in order to save some cash, if you follow these steps you can be on your way to gaining a big enough profit to cover your technology self-spoiling needs:

Step 1: Wait in line and get two iPhones (three if you’re daring)

If you can wait in line for what seems like an eternity in an Apple store, you have what it takes to be a “smart iPhone X buyer”. You can max out the iPhone you’re gifting to yourself, and buy minimum storage for the others, or go all the way with maxed out storage on all of them (I’ll tell you why this may benefit you in the long run soon).

Step 2: Go onto eBay and/or Craigslist and put 1 or 2 of the iPhones online for an increased price

Here’s when you’ll understand what the idea of this. If you’ve bought an extra iPhone X for $999, you should at least increase the value by $200. If you’d like, you could start the bidding price exactly at $999, and it will gradually increase, or you could keep it as a buy it now from around $1,200 to $1,400. If you bought a bigger storage phone as an extra, again add at least $200 onto the price you paid at the Apple Store. 

Step 3: Wait and watch the money roll in

Do whatever you want at this point. Read a book, watch some Netflix, but keep tabs on how your products are doing online. If no one’s biting at the price your giving, only lower it by $20-$30 increments every two days that you don’t see anyone going for it. Eventually someone’s gonna bite.

That’s it. The reason for this is quite simple as to why these people are going crazy online for iPhone’s. They don’t want to wait in line or don’t have time to wait for an iPhone that someone could deliver straight to their house. And you could be thinking, ” why don’t they go to Apple instead of increased prices on eBay? Time. Estimated deliveries can vary from 3 days to almost 2 months, depending on how fast they ordered it from Apple’s website after the release.

And of course when someone inevitably buys your iPhone(s) you can use that money to the monstrous price of yours (no, I still don’t agree with the pricing)


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