iPhone 8 Sales are Way Down Compared to Apple’s Predictions

Something many people can say they had hindsight bias about is that this years new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are not doing so well. Don’t worry, I’m not saying I’ve got the crystal ball when it comes to amazing sales and success for tech companies, but check out my last post on this matter, which was posted the same week of the keynote.

According to a Tapei article from Economic Daily News which Reuters grabbed a hold of, “[Apple] cut orders to its manufacturing partners for the iPhone 8 by more than 50 percent”, Brent Williams of Mashable said.apple-091217-iphone-8-3868 “That could mean that shipment numbers could total just five to six million units per month in November and December, well below the estimated demand for 50 million units of the other new release, the iPhone X, when pre-orders begin on Oct. 27.”

Apple, I think this stems from the truth that you made 3 iPhones, 2 of which barely improved on last year. If we’re being honest, they aren’t iPhone 8s, but way more along the lines of iPhone 7s’.

screen shot 2017-09-12 at 105924 am

Can we just admit to ourselves what we really want when we’re buying a new phone? It’s pretty simple, actually: you want it to be an improvement on the previous phone, or a different type of phone, or both. Absolutely nobody is drooling over the iPhone 8 if they just spent their cash on an iPhone 7 last year, especially if you are selling a dream phone above both the 8 and 8 plus, with all of the best features Apple has ever put in a phone.

Now, Apple will not comment on the number of sales they’ve had for the iPhone 8 line, but since they are cutting down on manufacturing, this is very fascinating.


Usually, this is the time where they would be amping it up, I don’t think we really need the number of sales to know that it’s only downhill from here.


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