Google Throwing Out Headphone Jack, Too, But Explains Why

Apple killed the headphone jack off of the iPhone line last year, giving more revenue towards wireless headphones and devices than ever before, but this was not the reason why they did. Fast Forward a year later, and Google is now following suit, unveiling their new Pixel 2 with no headphone jack to be found. Their reasoning for this, though, was explained not only for their phone but why it wasn’t so popular last year and why this year is a much different story.

Now, Google was exactly very open about the decision, like adding a couple slides on their powerpoint like Apple did, but they did cut straight to the point, saying that they needed room for an all-screen-phone, and the 3.5 mm headphone jack simply takes up too much room that could be used to make that possible.

They also expressed their belief for why the iPhone 7 was not so welcoming to customers last year compared to now, saying that there weren’t enough phones out last year with that option, so the popularity was expected to be small with the big move.

I completely disagree with this point of view.

One of my beliefs is that there always has to be someone to do it first in order to be successful, no matter how popular it is coming out of the gate. Let’s think of this in a logical way. Before Apple took out the headphone jack, no one was going to do it first. We would’ve waited probably 5-10 years from now for an all-screen phone because they would have been trying to implement that concept while still keeping the 3.5 mm jack as a feature. While Google did see this new concept of a phone without a headphone jack as a perfect opportunity for an all-screen phone, that has been Apple’s plan for 2 years now. Google will never be known in the mobile phone market as the trend-setter, but merely as following the said trend.

Not only are they the runner-up to remove the jack, but they are definitely not the first to have an all-screen-phone. Their ideas are recycled and should be looked at in more depth by their design team in order to create a separation between Apple and Google. People don’t buy android phones because they look an iPhone; They buy android phones because they are unique and different from the rest.


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