Bugs I’ve found in Apple’s iOS 11 Software Update

iOS 11, Apple’s new software update, was released to the public last week before the upcoming arrival of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Apple is not alone when hearing this upon a major release of any software: it’s got bugs. Although this is expected with any release of the software, it is extremely important to let the dev’s of iOS 11 know exactly what is not working, otherwise, it will take longer to fix.  So let me take you through just one weekday of iOS 11 affecting my daily routines. Disclaimer: the bugs that I have encountered are based solely on my experience. I am currently using an iPhone 7 with 128 GB with Verizon on iOS 11. Different phones and/or models may have different bugs.


I wake up too late because the five alarms I set on my phone don’t go off. This has happened plenty of times, after major iOS updates, and it is starting up again now. So now I am rushing to get dressed and ready for class. After I’ve started walking to class, I have been texting my girlfriend for a couple minutes now before class starts. Right before sending a text, my phone reboots itself for a good 30 seconds, turns back on and has deleted our last couple messages that I have sent and received. Again, very common after updates, but uncommon for iMessage to delete messages after a reboot.


It’s been a couple hours now, and I’m eating lunch. I turn on my phone see that my battery is around 60% after not being used for more than 4 minutes at a time about every hour. I start to investigate why my phone is extremely hot and almost halfway drained when I notice that wifi had kept itself on after I had turned it off in the morning. The school’s Wifi is very spotty and has been rumored to track your usage when connected to it, so I don’t use it all. So it seems that every time I turn off Wifi, then put my phone in standby mode and then wake it up again, Wifi seems to turn itself back on, constantly trying to connect to networks that make your phone’s wireless antenna hold on to a connection by its fingernails, ultimately draining your battery and turning it into technology hot pocket.


Fast forward to the afternoon after class, I am not in range of wifi to play NBA 2K18 on my Nintendo Switch (I’m addicted) so I hook up the personal hotspot for a good 30 minutes (unlimited data, don’t panic). Obtaining a connection on the Nintendo Switch is a little more difficult than iOS 10 was, but in the end, I still have to plop the Switch onto the phone in order for it to connect, it just takes more than one try now after the update. Maintaining a connection, however, is extremely easy after connecting it. After thinking I turned out the hotspot in the newly designed control center, it seemed to be determined to stay on unless you go into settings and turn it off like you needed to in iOS 11. Keep in mind this would have brought down my battery a lot if I had kept it on all day like Wifi.

Those are just the bugs that I’ve encountered so far. There may be a lot more, but I have not discovered them yet. I am not trying to say that iOS 11 is not a good update, as I really enjoy the fluidity and customization of the new control center. I am in love with the new spotlight section of the News app that really shines more light on what you may not have scrolled through normally.

Judging a new software update can be done instantly because it’s just an update that will be gone soon. If you really want to judge software as a whole, wait a couple months before expressing your opinion. Right now I am simply pointing out the kinks of iOS and hoping to receive bug fixes for the majority of them. I hope to be able to review iOS 11 after its bugs are worked out and it is fully functional

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