NBA 2k18 To Be Released On Nintendo Switch This Friday

Take Two Interactive has been one of the most popular game developers for home consoles for the past decade, releasing games like NBA 2K, WWE 2K, GTA V and Red Dead Redemption (2K Games and Rockstar Games are the same company, they just use a different publishing name for different genres of games). We’ve seen what they can do with the power of a home console, but now it’s time to add a new big player in the console family, which is the Nintendo Switch.

We have not really seen many well-known third party games come out for the Nintendo Switch for the first six months since its release, but Nintendo has shown that they simply did not need the addition of the third party games we all are used to on home consoles, as they have proven to profit more week by week compared to the PlayStation 4’s first six months every week so far. Now that they have established the Nintendo Switch as an overall successful and permanent console, they will be broadening their genres and consumers by releasing new and top notch sports games from Take Two, like NBA 2K18 on September 15.

When I say top notch I really mean it. The Nintendo Switch version of NBA 2K18 will be the same full-fledged game that is being released on the PlayStation 4 and XBox One. There will be no major drop in mechanics and programming for a more “mobile experience”, no loss of major modes and features in those modes when used on the Nintendo Switch, and there will be no reduced price because of reduced performance or features. This game will be able to do everything the PS4 and XB1 can do but also on the go, which is an extreme plus to 2K addicts, who have been forced to wait to get home to get their fix which should be able to be taken on the road.

What you have to understand in this situation is there are not a lot of other reasons why this will work on the Switch beside these three facts: one, it will be the same version of the game on home consoles. Two, the Nintendo Switch game will be released on the same day as the other consoles’ versions. And three, the Switch offers you to take a very performance-heavy game on the go wherever you are at without chugging around a home console (which are meant for “home”).

All in all, Nintendo will see a meteoric rise in sales of the Nintendo Switch when more popular third party games are released for the end of the year, like Rocket League, Elder Scrolls Skyrim, WWE 2K18, NBA 2K18, etc. It’s only a matter of time until the Nintendo Switch becomes the flagship device for home and portable console gaming.


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