Nintendo Switch Should Have Launched Now Instead of Earlier This Year

On March 3rd of this year, The Nintendo Switch was released with just one triple A game that was relatively big, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We have waited months for more games worthy to be referred to as high-caliber. This Fall and Winter, an endless amount of heavy hitters will be released that can obliterate the PlayStation and Xbox market.



Here’s a list of what I need on the Switch in order to completely transition it to be my sole console (italics have been confirmed or released, bold is not): a Grand Theft Auto game, preferably V or VI if they prefer to wait for the next edition. NBA 2k18, WWE 2k18, Fire Emblem, COD or their own hit FPS besides the Splatoon series. Elder Scrolls Online, Skyrim, FIFA 18, Madden 18, MLB The Show, Rocket League, Morphies Law, which is the FPS I was talking about in the previously. Shovel Knight, Street Fighter game, and a Pokemon Game. 1504401086409So obviously Nintendo is very close to completely taking over my gaming setup. But let me just remind you of something: once again, there were only one of these big games out when the Nintendo Switch was initially released.

Now I’m not saying that Switch team at Nintendo are doing terrible because of releasing it too early since they’ve had amazing sales all the way from launch to now.3204894-55983_1_nintendo-switch-games-lineup-visual-guide_full What I have been trying to say since it came out is that they could have made much more profit if releasing it when Triple A games were confirmed to be released instead of just being rumors. If you want the console community to buy into your product, you have to support the popular cross-platform games that they want and need in order to buy and invest so much of their money.

The truth is they probably wanted the huge games to release close to Black Friday like they usually do to possibly create more bundles for the holidays, which would be a genius plan as well. But I just was not excited in March to play just Zelda for 2 months and then not pick it up again until Ultra Street Fighter 2 and Shovel Knight came out. If they acquire Madden 18 after already confirming FIFA 18 from Electronic Arts, and GTA 5 or 6 along with confirming NBA 2k18 and WWE 2K18, Nintendo can and probably will take over the console market and industry.


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