HTC is Gearing Up to Release a Stand-Alone VR Headset

If there’s one person in the world who hates wires and cable, it’s me. Bluetooth is what I’m all about, and wireless charging is the best for my setup. So when you release a product that is usually known for having a plethora of wires in order for it to work, I’m all in.

The upcoming HTC Vive will be a completely wireless Virtual Reality Headset to experience videos games how they  were meant to be. When seeing people play games with virtual reality, I cannot count the amount of times they’ve either gotten trapped on a jungle of cables, or they trip and fall because they simply can’t see the wire in front of them. With this, it will be a thing of the past. Right now, there are some VR Headsets that can be wireless, but that’s only if the display is your phone. With their advertising, they make it clear that a phone is not needed and can be enjoyable without it.

Some of the most popular games involving Virtual Reality are usually in the genre of Horror video games, made most popular by YouTuber Pewdiepie. “I never really got a solid audience before I started making videos of me playing horror games”, he said in a recent video. And after he added Virtual Reality to the setup for those videos, his channel started to grow even more. Getting scared on camera means jolting and moving around very abruptly in some situations. YouTubers have even sustained injuries from playing without seeing in front of them. If we can eliminate some of the products to the outcome, we can count on less unnecessary injuries and frustration. 

The release date for the wireless VR headset is currently unknown besides it being rumored to be out later this year. 


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