Follow Up: Augmented Reality is the Future of Mobile Technology

I’m going to give you all some time to take a look at an article I wrote a couple weeks back: Augmented Reality May Be the Successor to the iPhone, Simultaneously Causing the Extinction of Smartphones

Okay, done? Good, because oh, boy do I have to tell you “I told you so.”

Rishabh Jain of IBT says, “Apple is rumored to be working on its own smart glasses. The concept is expected to be different from Snapchat and Google’s offerings — Apple might be working on an AR-enabled smart glasses.”

Aha! We have now established that this could be happening in the near future. The big question now has to be this: will they be an accessory to your phone (most likely) or will they run to the beat of their own drum?

1501962002073When we talk about Smart Glasses and trying to figure out if they are an accessory to Smartphones or a replacement, let’s simply take a look at the Apple Watch. Now if you are the Owner of Apple, what would you rather do: sell one product that does everything or sell a collection of products that rely on one another? Exactly. Anytime you can suck a customer into one of your products, your goal should be for them to buy into your ecosystem of electronics as well. Does your local appliance store want you to buy the just the washer, or the bundle with the both the washer and dryer? Again, the goal is to drown your customers with endless opportunities to invest their money in your products.

That right there is the most concerning realization that I’ve gotten recently. Technology could be leaps and bounds ahead of what is at right now, but why not milk the system and your followers for as much money as possible by only adding a couple features every year? If I tell you right now we could be driving autonomous cars, but Elon Musk wants to keep his steady income right now, you probably wouldn’t believe me. That’s because as soon as it’s discovered how to do it, it’s put on hold until that gradually get to that state of technological advancement. Do you really think as soon as the Apple team thinks of more than 10 new features for the iPhone that they’ll add every single one for the soonest one? No! Those advancements won’t be mass-produced until about 3 years later.

All I can say is that at this point, I am very happy with holding my smartphone and keeping it from distracting people in public while driving, taking classes, working and above all else, just being social. Right now, the smartphone is something more physical that can be put away. Glasses with floating animations are extremely complicated to sway from. If you think it’s difficult to stay in touch with people face to face right now, wait until you won’t be able to notice if they’re actually looking at you, or a Facebook post at the top of their eye display in AR- Smart Glasses. Will that be you, or will you be the one who brings the AR mind controlees back down to earth? Because as those glasses come out and gain popularity, you won’t be concerned with seeing the top of people’s heads everywhere. You’ll be wondering if people are looking up to see the world or looking up to see what their friend Johnny Appleseed posted.


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