The Nintendo 2DS XL Has Arrived, and Has Potential to Rise Above It’s Older Brother.

Remember when Nintendo realized how bad they messed up the 3D effect of the Nintendo 3DS XL, and they decided to make a new and improved product with all of the same features except for fixing the issue? Well, I’ll just keep that a rhetorical question. The new Nintendo 2DS XL (not 3) has just arrived and is a great product all around, which brings up the big question: Why do we even need the Nintendo 3DS line if the 2DS line is doing much better on the market?

Let’s take a look at the design. For the 2DS XL, there have a been an insurmountable amount of improvements from the 2DS, mostly because the 2DS is basically a video game slab of technology.

1501358052542But even more interesting is that the 2DS XL seems to be a more fine-tuned device than the 3DS XL. The top screen size has increased by a very big portion, the outer shell has a very inviting and eye-catching look to it, without looking too much like an old Nerf Nintendo casing. The inside adds a more exciting touch with colored buttons and matching colors of the outside. And, for all of those wondering if it bends, oh yes, it does.  1501357672732

Now, we have established that the 2DS XL has had some very pristine improvements from its prior version to add to. To be honest with all of you, after owning my Nintendo 3DS XL for about two years now, I have to admit that I have rarely ever used the 3D effect for any games at all. Even though Nintendo claimed to have fixed this issue with the new version of the 3DS XL, they were lying, as they have merely worked on the problem but have yet to solve it. You still have to be looking directly at the sensors to not have issues seeing the screen correctly. Therefore, I have a problem seeing why I need to pay more to get the same device, except that it comes with a malfunctioning sensor for which I don’t use anyway. 1501358111499

There’s not much more that can be said about the Nintendo 3DS XL besides that it’s an unnecessary addition to the DS product line. The Nintendo 2DS XL seems to be the smartest choice and the perfect medium for parents who want to give their kids the opportunity to play games on the go and nostalgic gamers out there. The 3DS line frankly seems to be excessive and over the top when it comes to mobile video game consoles. Yes, it may have the more sleek designs and little details on its side, but it really does not need to be here anymore. It’s time to discontinue this one, Nintendo. Put em’ with the Wii U’s.



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