Will Apple Finally Increase Supply For The Launch of the Next iPhone?

Dear Apple,

I am writing this through my website because, well it’s kind of fun to write in this format.

Anyways, I have many of your products and have not swayed into a different brand of technology since I’ve fallen for your features and designs. There’s just one qualm I always seem to have every time I get a new iPhone: What’s with all the delays?

Who remembers last year’s launch of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus? I most certainly do. If you weren’t staying up until the time that Pre Orders started in the middle of the night, then you most likely didn’t get the iPhone with the exact specifications and choices you wanted.1500667228729 Instead, for that exact phone, you wanted it most likely said November or late October was your time to shine. Wanted to go into a store to see if you could one in person on release day? Well, that must have drained your spirits. Apple Stores sold out before you could say “But I just wanted a Silver one!” Maybe Verizon or another service providing store is the way to go. Well, if you want the base model and bland color choices of only the iPhone 7, then yes, your dreams have come true. Wanna stand out from the crowd with a better storage, color, and size of your phone? Nah, not this time.

Do you see the picture I’m trying to paint, Apple? The two overall themes are inconvenience and lack of preparation. When push comes to shove, your customers hate you around the launch date of any iPhone in the past four years. 1500667142819Your sales go up either way, so what’s the point of giving the people what they want when they want it? Are you sick of Millenials getting instant gratification with extreme cases of impatience? If so, that’s okay, but this really isn’t the way to go about it. You are messing with people’s money. If we buy something online or are told we can buy something we want it as soon as you can give it to us.

For the next iPhone release, like every year, the sales will be higher, more customers will emerge from thin air or convert from a different operating system, and the number of iPhones needed to be ready for launch day will increase exponentially. 1500667076247Yes, it is a good thing when demand for your product is higher than supply, but you should really consider this year beefing it up a little bit more than last time so you actually have a sustainable supply.




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