Why the Nintendo Switch Will Be the Future of Gaming

For the past decade or so, Sony and Microsoft have consistently been developing and improving their gaming consoles. 19303-tsFrom graphics and performance, download and upload speed to storage and game selection, These two Goliaths have not gone off the train tracks yet. But a new player has busted out of the gate this year with basically a new and improved Wii U, but wildly innovative and explosively popular Nintendo Switch.

Yes, I understand I’m writing about this quite a few months after the release of Nintendo’s prize fighter, but I remember an article I put out the weekend of it’s released called something along the lines of “Why the Nintendo Switch’s release date should have been pushed back”. So before I convince you to believe why I’m right, I’ll tell you the reasons I may be wrong first.

When I get down the thick sections of the meat, it all really comes down to versatility in game selection.


The ugly truth is that all of the Triple A games are going to be released later this year all the way into next year. Playing a full-fledged version of NBA 2K18 anywhere you want sounds extremely enticing, and I’m completely expecting that they will be creating a bundle for it with the Switch, but the timing of the release was way off. Their own face of the company, Mario, won’t have his flagship game “Super Mario Oddysey” released until a couple more months have passed.  Unbelievable in my opinion.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way let me tell you the very best reason to get a switch and why it will be copied by other companies in the future: the all-in-one package. nintendo-switch-vs-playstation-4-pro-vs-xbox-one-s-which-is-better For years, we have fixated on our visualizations of what a console should look like. Along with that, we have been made to believe that there is a line between a home console and mobile console, like parting the sea. The reason that we have been taught to believe this is simply because no one has really successfully crossed the divide of the two groups without sinking the idea or sometimes the whole company with it as well. Nintendo has been the perfect golden boy to keep this bridge afloat and bring enjoyment for everyone. When I can bring my switch on a family road trip and start playing Skyrim for a couple hours in the car, then plop the tablet on the dock and chill on the couch to finish it, I will most definitely know how Nintendo intended their customers to feel.

There needs to be more of these types of consoles. The all-in-ones will change the way video games are played forever if this trend stays afloat. nintendo-switch-15.jpgBut right now the waves have been extremely choppy. We can only hope that the wind calms down, and the water becomes more welcoming than risky. The fact that Nintendo had the confidence to retry their concept of the Wii U with the Switch is very motivating after their well-sustained success. Even if they launched with mediocre games, that makes their success a sign of hope for the future.

PS: The reason so many bodies of water metaphors have been put in here is that I’m on Lake Huron at the moment for vacation and I’m obsessed with it.


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