Virgin Mobile To Start Selling Nothing But iPhones This Coming Tuesday

Yes, you read the title correctly; Virgin Mobile is going to only sell iPhones from now on. The Terminator has arrived, to put it bluntly, as Virgin has connected this announcement with a new wireless plan to revolve around Apple products.

Screen-Shot-2017-06-22-at-9.27.55-AM-e1498153404710.pngIn the official statement Virgin had this to say:

“There’s iPhone. And then there’s everything else. At Virgin Mobile, we’re teaming with Apple to offer you nothing but the world’s most popular phone. Because life in the Inner Circle is about living big, expanding your horizons and pursuing your passions. And it starts with an iPhone you’ll adore.”virgin


I mean let’s be serious here; I’ve probably said this before, but I’ll say it again: the percentage of people who switch to an iPhone from something else is extremely unlikely to switch back. The reason is simplicity. There’s no other possible way to describe why Virgin did this business move than Apple is the breadwinner because of their usability. Virgin Mobile noticed that the sales of all other phones don’t compare to the iPhone’s, so they simply streamlined their revenue. Very smart move, but this does not surprise me.545322-virgin-mobile-inner-circle

Virgin’s CEO Richard Branson has done a number of innovative things, such as opening a bank whose branches have a living room design, with newspapers, coffee tables, and couches everywhere; He created an American Terminal that has yoga and a la carte food. This guy is constantly refreshing the purpose of every industry you can think of.

To be honest, this move did catch me off guard when I heard it, but another part of me also thought About time. Apple has been dominating the smartphone game for a decade and hasn’t stopped improving since the iPhone’s launch 9 and a half years ago. The only two questions next are when are Android and Windows going to give up on smartphones, and who will follow in Virgin Mobile’s footsteps next?


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