What I Want in the Next iPhone

With the ten year anniversary of the iPhone coming up, it’s no surprise fans of Apple from all walks of life are expecting something big to come soon. There are a couple new names even being thrown around, such as the 8, X (ten), or even just the 7s. Personally, I don’t really give a flying Griffin what it’s gonna be called; I just want it to have the following features:

Dual Camera For Both Models

Photo Courtesy of BGR.com

There’s no doubt in my mind that the camera on the 7 plus is better than the one on the 7 by ten fold, but why does it need to be like that? If you think that the dual camera is the reason people will shell out more cash for the plus instead of the base model, you’re talking about a very small percentage of people that are interested in photography so much that they are willing to shell out more than a couple extra hundred dollars. If what the tech-dominating conglomerate really wants is more money, then just add another hundred to the bill for the base model. Therefore, if customers want the newest iPhone, they will literally be forced to spend a little more money, ultimately keeping your profits more than afloat. They won’t care, either. Every new iPhone user will have the cutting edge camera capabilities on mobile devices, even if their hand is too small to hold a plus. Satisfied, Tim Cook?


Better Battery Life


iphone-8-830x400-1Sorry, my phone’s about to die so I won’t be able to write the rest of this blog post… Eh, not really. I write them on my MacBook Pro. Anyways, I have an Apple Smart Battery Case on my iPhone 7 right now. Do I like the case? Yes. Would I want to have it on my iPhone if I didn’t need the charging capabilities? Nope. Whenever I see new cases online or in stores, I think “wow, that would look awesome. I should get that”. But I would remember all of my daily hardships without a charging case, having my phone die at 3 in the afternoon every day, and I would reluctantly walk past the case. Sad moments of a tech nerd’s life, am I right? We all want the greatest and most powerful device out there for our daily drivers, right? Since that is the point, wouldn’t you want to be able to use it for as long as possible? Ok, I know, fewer questions. I would like to see the battery dramatically increased on both devices, so it is much more convenient to not carry a charger everywhere you go or ask if anyone else has one (we’ve all either asked or have been asked).

No More Bezels!


It has been too long for Apple to have not migrated yet to the bezel-less screen. Really, the company who has prided itself on being the innovators of their industry, are the last ones to this station? Yes, they always do things their own way and with a little twist to separate themselves from their competitors, but they need to give up on that and just make the dang thing an edge-to-edge display. There would be more ways to play games, browse the internet, and overall improve the interactions you have with your iPhone every day. There comes a time when you realize a great business move for a company to make, yet the actual company has not even lifted a finger to act upon this great opportunity. Foolishly prideful is how I would describe it.

4K Display

screen shot 2017-04-06 at 84908 am.png

When it comes to displays, I am a full out pixel junkie. Some people are addicted to adrenaline rushes, some a runner’s high; I got the display bug. If you’ve owned a MacBook with retina display, you understand why the display is crucial to your experience with every device you own. Appearance is everything, and from just opening up your iPhone to your lock screen and seeing a beautiful stock photo with fantastic colors and detail, you will be just as hooked as I am. There’s really nothing else I could possibly say about this besides the fact that I really want it, even it would cost a hundred more dollars. If you can’t make it 4K, at least give it OLED(when blacks are on your screen, that part of the screen will turn off, saving battery and increasing color vividness). Samsung has been doing OLED displays for years, and it shocks me that Apple has held up on this easy to do and very helpful feature.


We cannot be light with our suggestions and requests to Apple. We spend more than a couple hundred dollars every other, and some of us annually, so we should be able to get the most out of our money as possible. Imagine a phone with outstanding photo-taking capabilities that last all day, with a 4K edge-to-edge display that really pops in your eyes.  I really didn’t want to say I would like a faster processor in the new iPhone because they make it faster every year. What I was really trying to do is give you some drastic changes that could effectively increase their sales and your interest in their next iPhone, whatever it will be called. This new iPhone could really turn some heads, but they have to be willing to sit down find a way to cram all of these improvements into a paper-thin product that was just a little more than the battery case I have on mine. Apple has had ten whole years to constantly improve their baby, and it is long overdue for a complete overhaul of head-over-heels features. Step out of the creativity-restricting box that you’re in and give the people what they want!


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