Is Apple Contradicting Themselves?

Yesterday, I had to take a visit to my local Apple Store for my faulty iPhone, and it’s a problem updating. When I got to the Genius Bar, of course, you have to almost systematically wait until your appointment starts 10-20 minutes late. When my designated genius came for my issue, he hooked up my phone to a Macbook Air. Yes, you are reading this correctly, The company that stopped selling a product to reinvent it for a smaller 12-inch version used the older one to fix issues. After I had noticed this, I took a look to my left and right at the Genius Bar table, and each and every genius was possessing a Macbook Air as well for the appointments they were assigned. Why are you using outdated products for support issues that supposedly weren’t good enough to sell, Apple?img_0018

A couple years back, Apple stopped the production of new MacBook Airs. After all, their successor, the 12″ MacBook, was turning heads left and right with a new and improved form factor. But why did they stop production of the MacBook Air?

When it came out originally, the Air was intended for the light users of computers; checking email, casual web-browsing, and the occasional game. So it’s essentially a lightweight Macbook Pro, with the same appearances but better form factor and price but fewer bells and whistles, of course. And because it’s been year or two since their last release of the MacBook Air, The price has gone down by more than $300, making the Air a lot more attractive in the budget department. There have been a countless amount of debates online over which one is better overall, and honestly, there is no answer; they’re just different altogether.

Let’s break this down: The MacBook Air comes with the Intel Core i5 processor, a validated and recommended chip for the last decade. The new 12-inch MacBook comes with an Intel Core M chip installed, M standing for “Mobile.” Mobile meaning “this isn’t a full-fledged laptop.” The chip in the new MacBook was originally intended for iPads, and other tablets, meaning it seriously is not a reason to shove out more than a thousand for it. The Macbook Air still uses USB type B outlets, and the New MacBook has transitioned it to USB type C, making it much harder to connect your external devices without a converter.  IMG_0023

So, we’ve concluded that the two laptops are intended for two different types of people and/or situations altogether. To answer my question from the beginning of why Apple is using the Macbook Air for Apple Store Repairs and not the newest piece of hardware related to it is because the MacBook Airs are most likely a lot more functional and efficient when it comes to dealing with the Genius Bar appointments at Apple Stores. They have the i5 Processing chip, the right connectors for all of the mobile and/or external devices in the stores, and they actually do go past their worth. So, with the Macbook Air outliving its usefulness and still outdoing the new MacBook without breaking a sweat and costing less, the next question would be what was the point of a 12-inch MacBook?


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