Best Electronics on Amazon: June 2017

I love doing these kinds of articles. They’re simple, cut straight to the point and write themselves. Good for me, right? Well, it’s a win-win, since I seem to get better feedback when posting these. So why not keep it going. Don’t expect me to rename my website with the words “top 5” in it, though, gross.

For this one, I will be looking at every category for “Dads and Grads” in the Amazon Electronic section, and choosing my favorite product from each one. The link will be included with every product, and I am happy to announce they will be affiliate links, so keep on tapping em’!

Category: Under $100

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse $59.99


This mouse has changed the game of the mouse game. If we’re talking about Computer Mice, this mouse is the cat to all the other mice, that are actually mice, but not really since their compute… ok I’ll stop. The franchise behind this product is unbelievably clever with their marketing. They could release the same MX mouse two years in a row, but slap a new name on the tag and make double what they did the year before. Every year, they add on a small arrangement, and every year, the price rises just a little bit. It’s a rechargeable mouse that can be wireless or wired. The wheel on the side has been improved to be or ergonomically sound. When wireless, it can last up to 40 days, which is enough days for me to write a poorly-humored review on it (oops!). I have owned a Logitech G602 for about three years now, and have only needed to replace the batteries in it once. I’m not only giving the product a thumbs up but the company as well.

Category: New Releases

Acer Aspire R 15 Convertible Laptop $799.99


71Tl+D5RcNL._SL1500_ Let me just tell you one thing about Intel Core i7 laptops: they’re aren’t cheap. In this case, it’s more than a bargain for this masterpiece to get it under $1000. With an i7 laptop coming hot right off the presses, the chances of getting this big of a bargain are extremely slim. I’m not gonna even gonna go into detail because I know how much these features sell: Touchscreen LED-lit IPS display, 12 GB of RAM, 256 GB of SOLID STATE drive, the fingerprint reader on the touchpad, is more flexible than a paperback book, and 9 hours of battery life. Let me tell you candidly if I was in need of a PC at this very moment and had the money on deck, It would be added to my cart so fast…


Category: Gaming

Oculus Rift $598


81cwysRxiaL Before your heart skips a beat at that price, let me give you a little reassurance: it’s pretty amazing. Yeah, I can say that about everything I list in this article, but this is the beginning of a new age in Video Game Entertainment. Virtual Reality has really improved in the last 5 years, and the Oculus Rift shows exactly that. From playing action games such as the one on the left, or blood-curdling horror games that make your spine shiver, it’s always going to be a memorable experience. This is one of those products where if you aren’t into gaming, you just can’t wrap your head around why anyone in the world would pay $600 to get it. Well, they have already. Oculus’s sales have been through the roof ever since they launched the rift. Popular YouTube channels have been integrating it into their videos for years now, and the sky is the limit when it comes to the opportunities Virtual Reality can open up.

Category: Audio and Accessories

Mackie CR Series CR3 – 3″ Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors (Pair) $99


81SBInXziFL._SL1500_ I simply cannot get enough of these monitors. Mackie has been my favorite underdog in the audio industry ever since I purchased the black with a white trim version of these 2 years back. They have blown me away with how much of a steal they are. Just like the Acer I talked about earlier, It’s just not likely you’re going to find well-balanced monitors with this much of a flat response for cheap. If you’re lucky, usually the minimum price for this much quality in monitors will run you $300, and that’s sometimes just one of them. This package from Mackie comes with a pair of 3″ monitors that have my favorite logo of all time on the front of each monitor, Mackie’s Egyptian walking man (simply the meaning of life, am I right?). There’s not much to dislike about these. I believe they were made to frustrate the skeptical nerves in your brain.

Category: Active Lifestyle

Fossil Q Marshal Gen 2 Touchscreen Gunmetal Stainless Steel Smartwatch $275


7171ZAAoXyL._UY879_ Wowzers is this thing gorgeous. If I ever need a new smartwatch after My Fitbit Charge 2 and Apple Watch Series 1, I will be certain to get this Fossil. Two words: Simply Beautiful. The design is so immaculate with the stainless steel, to the point where I’d be afraid to take it out of the box because I might ruin it. It does everything that the Apple watch can do. For Android users only I believe, there is a microphone in it to request certain commands, just like the Apple watch has for Siri and voice to text. In my opinion, this is how I would have designed the Apple Watch if it was my job to. That square/rectangle clunkiness is so unnecessarily an eye-sore. The layout on this device is simply genius, and I would just want to have it on all time. Sadly, the battery life is said to only last a day, so no sleep tracking on this one. It’s okay, I’d be paranoid of scratching it somehow in my sleep anyways.

Category: Smart Home

Amazon Echo $179.99


61aN+SE-F9L._SL1000_ I’m sorry, but I had to it. Trust me, if Apple made anything like this, I would be all over it most likely. But Amazon has just simply nailed it with this one. For the first time in a while, they did not just make an Amazon Basics version of someone else’s more expensive product; they innovated [insert gasping audience]. Exactly. No to mention their marketing for any products on the Echo lineup has been flawlessly executed. The simplicity, yet complexity of an electronic is extremely hard to accomplish when designing, and Amazon really deserves all the glory they receive for the echo. Personally, I would get the Echo Dot for $50 if I was ever on the market to get one.

Category: Gadgets and Gizmos

Philips Wake-up Light with Sunrise Simulation alarm clock $49.99


61vztUwIsnL._SL1500_ No joke, I just added this to my wish list, and soon it will be in my cart. This is simply a genius idea. I’ve recently started to wake an hour and a half earlier than usual on school days in the morning in order to get a good workout and shower out of the way. The problem I’ve always had is getting myself up in the morning. If I get something to turn on as soon as the alarm goes off, I am flawlessly awake. But just sounds on an alarm clock across the room so I’m forced to get up and disable it? I didn’t wake up to it until an hour after it started going off. This puppy I would keep on my nightstand, but make sure it’s just barely out of reach. This incredibly genius product I would have priced for $79.99. But, hey, I’ll stay quiet around Philips, and silently purchase this savior of my healthy lifestyle for $50.

Category: Entertainment

Element 55-Inch Fire TV Edition TV with Sound Bar and Digital Antenna $729.99


81EogbCCrjL._SL1500_ With this section, it’s extremely hard to find a good quality, 4K TV under $1000. Lo and behold, we have found another steal. This Element 55-Inch 4K Smart TV has got the power with multiple streaming platforms, access to Amazon Fire TV features, and comes bundled with a Soundbar and digital antenna. If you want the TV barebones, it’ll be $650, but I personally think the soundbar is worth the extra dough. Even you have a surround system installed already, this could be a great centerpiece. Not to mention of course if you don’t have surround sound, your errand of finding audio for your new TV has been completed for you. What a world we live in today.

Category: Fun and Social

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II $116


81fmWJLZseL._SL1500_ What can be said about it that hasn’t already been said before? It’s simply a greatly underrated product that drives heaps of customers towards Bose and their unmatched audio engineering. The fact that this isn’t even close to their best audio devices means there’s just so much more to appreciate about them. This speaker is good for a mobile desk speaker if you’re tired of hearing the sound out of your tinny laptop speakers, and it’s designed to be fantastic for outdoor gatherings or parties. Again, there’s not much more to talk about when it comes to speakers besides “wow, that sounds good”, and “Whoa, that looks cool”. It has a great volume spectrum, not too loud when one notch, and ready to get noise complaints from 2 blocks away. Okay, maybe I’m wrong about the noise complaints. Let’s try 4 blocks.

Category: Fun and Social

Tile-Mate & Slim Combo Pack, Key/Wallet/Item Finder, 4-pack $69.99


61qMLP-q-tL._SX522_ This has to be one of the most practical pieces of Technology you can buy. Tile is not just a tile; it saves your butt so you don’t lose your key fob, wallet, phone, and just about anything else that can define you as a clutz. This isn’t just one Tile, so don’t let your eyes glaze over the price. It comes in a 4 pack for this version: 2 Tile Slims and 2 Tile Mates. The Slims are what fit into your wallet, backpack, or laptop sleeve to keep your anxiety down. The Tile Mates are what makes sure you don’t need to call the dealership because you swear you left the keys “right here”. The truth of the matter is, don’t rely solely on your memory to put your money and products in jeopardy.

Category: Photography

Sony DSC-RX10 III Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera $1398


814gFUTbZnL._SL1500_ If you asked me what my opinion was on any DSLR Camera, I’d go, “Oh, that one? Don’t even get me started!” Then probably research it for 3-5 minutes and come back to the topic of it when I figure out how to associate it bak into the conversation. Big deal, I’m not a DSLR nut. I can still appreciate good detail to pictures. And when looking at the specs of this one, there’s only one that I need to conclude it’s the best the photography section at this very moment: 24- 600m. That’s the lens’s capability in distance. You know how you probably get jealous seeing how milky those clips on Marques Brownlee’s videos on YouTube? Aside from his movie-grade setup, he would recommend this camera to anyone who’s got the money. Great shots, great experiences, and a great camera.

Category: Work from Home

ASUS F556UA-UH71 $629


61SY-OA9TnL._SL1200_ Remember when I was telling you about finding i7 Laptops under $1000? Well here’s another great find. Even if you do or plan on working from home and you have to choose between getting a desktop or laptop, I still highly recommend getting a laptop. That way, you aren’t stuck in an office every time you wanna work. You can sit on the couch, in bed, or public places like the big and powerful Starbucks. This killer computer has Intel Core i7, 15.6 inches of screen, 8 GB of RAM, 1 TB of HDD, and gives you up to 700 charge cycles with their fancy-schmancy new Li-Polymer Battery. It will retain 80% of its original charge more than couple hundred charge cycles. Very interesting, powerful, and useful.

I think that may break the record for longest article on this website. All twelve categories for Dads and Grads can be found on the main page for Electronics on Amazon. It’s currently 2 AM at the time that I’m finishing this up, so I’m gonna clock out, or maybe Kirk out, hehe.



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