4 Apple Products You Should/Shouldn’t Use Your Graduation Money On

Finishing High School is a huge relief for everyone, some more than others, allowing you to party a little too hard and spend a little too much. It happens. It’s not like anybody expects you to give yourself a savings bond that can only be cashed out when you get out of college. But the least I can do is steer you “scholars” in the right direction.

You SHOULDN’T the New Apple Macbook Pro with Touch Bar

61QO8gZhArL._SL1024_I mean, seriously, you really think that touch bar is gonna make or break your college education? It won’t even hinder it. The most gimmicky thing to ever appear on a Macbook has arrived. It was originally supposed to be a very useful tool for editing videos and music. The only problem with this is there aren’t enough of those kinds of people out there to make a this a more practical advantage.  Additionally, there’s not an abundance of those users on Mac OS compared to Microsoft. I don’t see the real reason to even consider it at this point.

You SHOULD get Last year’s Apple Macbook Pro


Now this is just a little bias since this is the same MacBook I use every day, but there’s just so much to admire about this one. The ports are still there for virtually everything you need (besides the CD/DVD player) without requiring a USB C converter to connect anything at all. The size is not bad at all for anyone. This is still a very thin laptop but does not make it feel cheap by weighing so little. It has a good weight to it. But of course, the price. Oh my goodness, it’s $600 less than the newest version and runs everything with just about the same performance. Great deal all around.

If you not really looking for a laptop, and instead more a tablet, then…

You SHOULD get the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Inch


If you’re more of a handwritten type of person who wants to lighten the load from notebooks, then this is your ticket to the promise land. The iPad Pro 12.9 is the perfect selection for handwritten note-takers, graphic designers/artists and more hands on type of students. These types of super tablets are a force to be reckoned with, as they can work just like a MacBook for the necessities. Like if you really need that paper done tonight by 11:59:59 PM, just hook up a compatible keyboard and type away. if you feel like reading the news but not by squinting at your baby carrot-sized phone, pull this out and the paper-sized tablet will feel like the perfect size to enjoy the read.

You SHOULDN’T get the Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Inch


Please, for the love of Steve Jobs, do not get this putrid thing. It is simply not worth anyone’s time. If you want an iPad of this size, get an iPad Air 2. It brings down the cost by $120 or so, and it’s just as thin as the 9.7 inch Pro, which should never have been invented. If you’re in the market for a super tablet, skip to the real deal. if you want a relaxed and normal tablet, get the one that was made for that type of usage. You wouldn’t ask a gardener to handle your house plumbing unless he/she’s one of those all around workers than can help with everything. Frankly, that doesn’t exist in the tablet industry. So please choose wisely.

When going over your adult “investments”, you will want to have the most amount of money left in your bank account as possible when school starts up again. That’s why when I recommend something, it’s never going to be just based purely on quality. The price has an equal, if not more of a value in my decisions. The more dollars left in your savings means the more weekends you can spend at coffee shops with your new Macbook Pro, iPad Pro or iPad Air 2. And cmon, who doesn’t love to show off their Apple Products to strangers. It’s a part of the Apple lifestyle.


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