WWDC 2017: My Wishlist For Apple’s new iOS update 

In just a couple of weeks, Apple will be presenting their new editions to software and possibly new products in the Apple family, and blah blah blah….

Here’s what I want ahem Apple’s puppet ahem Tim Cook to say at WWDC this year about iOS and its improvements. Also prepare for an abundance of Apple CEO Tim Cook gifs.

To start out, my biggest dream would be for Apple to give a safe and secure way to access their mobile products’ springboards. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you probably have never jailbroken your phone. It’s extremely exciting to accomplish. Giving the public official access to the springboard allows you to completely customize your iPhone. Switch from app to app differently, change animations, get an image on your notification bar, change the font of everything on your iPhone, and the list goes on and on. This feature would help them compete with Android better, as Android has let their users be more hands on with their devices for years. 

If that can’t happen, because it is a stretch, I’d like to see little tiny upgrades, like widgets on your home screen or in the part of your notification bar. Making it much more available to view. Being allowed to take calls from your favorite contacts on do not disturb mode has already been established, but I would want them to give you the option of adding text messages from your favorites, too. 

While we’re on the subject of contacts, my last wish is add more continuity to them. What I mean by this is connecting third party app accounts of your contacts like Snapchat and Instagram, and making it more seamless. This could also help with Siri, maybe by saying, “Hey Siri, snapchat John Doe”. Not only would I like the contacts to be more connected, but more popular third party apps in general to Siri (and I don’t just mean asking the personal assistant to open the app). Maybe like,” Hey Siri, send a snap to my streaks” or “snapchat my best friend” and have it open to the camera with your recipients preloaded. Just things that are too annoying to do sometimes that could be easily solved by your unpaid melancholy assistant.

Well, there’s a lot more Apple could do. I’m almost positive they won’t let users jailbreak their phones without a third party unofficial program. But the other two I would think would overall be good for me. Of course they will invent something new that you won’t think you need until you see it, and I may even go bananas for it. But isn’t that the Apple culture?


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