5 Things You Should Have At Your Workspace

We all have our little secret ingredients to what makes our desk different; a cool mouse, something more convenient, or simply a product that no one else has at your job, making you stand out more as a versatile employee. Well, I’ll cut the chase here and just say it: Here, in no order whatsoever, are the 5 things that you should have at your workspace or office.

Ergotron WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstation $138710BhnrdoRL._SL1500_91NmdGLhYhL._SL1500_

Not only is this a great product, but the concept behind it is genius. A standing desk is healthy and good for your posture and all, but at some point, you just need to sit down and chill. This not only a solution to both of those problems, but it also attaches right on the end of your desk, making it a seamless transition from sitting down to standing up, or vice versa. The product itself has a very clean and fresh look to it (and just imagine how good a silver MacBook would look on it). It’s a great add-on to your setup, whether at home or work, and it’s a reasonable price of $138 for its very reasonable use.

SP xDrive Z30 64GB Dual USB Flash Drive with Lightning Connector $48

64 Gigabytes is the amount of storage on several versions of iPhones, and what’s more convenient than mobile external storage. No, not an SD card, but a fantastic little drive that can hold more images and files than you could ever imagine.  I get it, “why not just use the cloud programs on IOS or any other one?” Well, I’ll tell you why: if and when those programs crash on very random days, this piece of hardware will not. Just got a new phone and didn’t back up your damaged one before, you know, it was damaged, then you use this to keep some photos offline until you need them. How about you have some photos from a DSLR camera that you’d like to go straight to your photos app to post on Instagram? Boom, 2 seconds and it there, on your screen. It’s just so useful for something under $50, that I wonder why it is just starting to make a name for itself in the productivity section of technology devices. What a time we are in, huh?

Fastdisk 3 in 1 Multifunction 32GB Pen Drive USB Flash Drive Jump Drive with Ballpoint Pen and Touch Pen $15

Yes, this is the crazy cool contraption on the cover of this article. The Fastdisk USB pen is a very unbelievable sight to behold. First, it’s a ballpoint pen at the bottom. Next, it has a touch pen at the top to make it a touchscreen stylus. And lastly, it can store things in a flash [insert audience booing at bad storage pun]. Yup, I’ll stop that. It’s just something neat to have around, in your writing utensil holder, It doesn’t have to be an everyday use type of product, but with those crystals in the top half of the pen, It’s already a head-turner, to begin with. This multifunctional pen will run you just $15. Trust me, the ballpoint part is not why you’re buying a $15 pen. You won’t believe me, but before finding this USB pen, I was looking at a 4 Gigabyte one for $20. This one is a major steal for 64 Gigabytes, period.

APC Laptop Charger with Universal Compatibility for Dell, HP, Acer, ASUS, Lenovo & Toshiba Laptops $48


This one is more for PC users than anyone, but it’s still a great product to have around. APC has made something that’s been around for a couple years now but has brought the price down tremendously, almost $30 less than its competition. This mobile laptop charger is an all-around useful product that does one thing and does it well: keeps the power user in power. There’s not much that needs to be said about a product like this besides that it’s something Macgyver would have if he had a laptop. $48 is a steal for a universal one, though. That way, if you get a new laptop, you basically just have to check that you have the right connector for this product as well. It’s 65 Watts of power for this one, and the 90 Watt version is gonna run you some more money, so under $50, again, seems like a comfortable price range for this product.

Fidget Cube $2!

Oh no, please don’t click away, parents, at least give me a chance. Hear me out, these Fidget devices are not as silly as you may think. Before conveying your opinion in a very word-heavy email to me about how you will be unsubscribing from my website, watch this video from Good Mythical Morning about how Fidget products bring a certain acceleration to the brain’s activity and keep you focused on the task at hand. It’s very interesting. I would not link someone else’s video to any articles of mine unless I absolutely thought it was necessary. Basically, this is the less distracting version of the Fidget devices that will draw little to no attention from others around. The Fidget Cube was originally founded by a Kickstarter company called Antsy Labs. They were simply asking for $15,000 to keep producing these new cubes. Well, they ended up with quite a lot more than that. Total, they made $6.4 Million. MILLION. That’s almost unheard of on Kickstarter. Ever since then these cubes have been making their way around the globe, helping people cope with their foot-tapping, nail-biting, and knuckle-cracking fidgets, along with helping some of the people who are diagnosed with symptoms of ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, and even sometimes Bipolar Disorder. The Fidget Cube 6 sides -great job, Geometry Griffin- with all different functions: a joystick like it’s from a PlayStation, a dial that spins, a fingerprint indent, 3 gears and a free ball bearing, 5 buttons with 2 silent and 3 that click, and my favorite, a light switch. These are so small that you can fidget with them on your desk, in your pocket, car, or bed. They are not noticeable unless you flail your arms around saying, “Look what I got on Amazon yesterday!” I just wish some of the things on the cube were more silent, or if they made a separate version for kids in classrooms that need to focus, but don’t want to disrupt the class. Oh, another thing: some teachers either believe these Fidget devices are a major distraction, the greatest thing to ever happen to kids with special needs/any student, or they do not really know which side they are on. Make sure if you buy these for your kid(s), you make sure you discuss the rules of them with their teacher(s). It’s a very controversial topic in the education spectrum at the moment. Meanwhile, if you buy this for yourself, it’s your world.

“Wow, thanks, Griffin. You’ve really made a difference in my life these past 8 minutes!” Don’t mention it, imaginary reader in my head. These types of articles are loads of fun to make, but turn too cliché if overdone. I’ll try to fit in some more, but don’t expect the whole website to change to “Top 5” articles. Thank you for reading my article, and if you’d like to read more, go ahead and look over the related articles. Proceed with caution, though, as the comedy just keeps getting more and drier. The reason there are weird jokes in almost every piece is because that’s who I am, and also because I don’t want readers falling asleep to my writing. Technology can be boring at times, but not on this site.

I appreciate everyone who reads, likes, subscribes, follows, and retweets anything and everything I do. You’re the best. Thank you so much. As long as I’m around, there will be bad jokes for everyone to cringe at.


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