Concept: Universal Charger for Apple Products?

Yes, you read the title. It’s exactly what you’re thinking. The problem would save customers millions of dollars and attract more and more customers. What if Apple used the same charging tip for all of their devices?

Now, I understand that some people could find this a bad thing, with possibly having charging complications with the more high powered products, like MacBooks and iPads. But cmon, wouldn’t you wanna try it?

Photo via Gizmodo

I completely understand why Apple will never do this fantasy of mine. By making the Lightning-enabled devices compatible with the charging of the MacBooks, Apple would be losing out on possibly millions of dollars worth of extra cables.

Just by making the extra trip to the store to buy a new MacBook charging adapter or ordering it on Amazon brings in a whole new area of revenue than ever heard of. I call it the “Inconvenience Revenue”. Yes, right now your pain and sorrows are dollar signs in Tim Cook’s eyes.

Photo via BGR

And one more thing. Did I happen to mention this one little thing yet? Did you know that if after making all of their devices charged by the same cable Apple would most likely be making more of a profit than they are at this very moment? Apple is very skittish on the idea of making their devices universal in charging, but they are missing a whole demographic of new customers that stand behind the micro-USB for Android devices, that would possibly make the switch if it weren’t for this inconvenience. For the people who were all about “continuity” just a couple years ago, Apple sure considers making universal chargers similar to jumping the shark.


All in all, I don’t hate Apple for trying to make more money. That’s what you’re supposed to do in this type of business and, yeah, pretty much any business besides a nonprofit [insert fake studio audience laugh]. The problem with it though is they aren’t realizing they could be doing exactly that by making the switch to universal charging. New customers buying all new products would overpower the profits lost by having one charger on the market. I honestly think Apple believes it’s just too much of a hassle, because if I’ve noticed it, how have they not?


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