Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is an amped up XBox One

A few days ago, Digital Foundry sat down with the people of Microsoft and discussed some early specifications for their new masterpiece in the making, Project Scorpio.

To compete with Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro, Microsoft is beefing up their XBox One lineup with this new upgraded console. The XBox One is already very powerful, to begin with, reaching unbelievable graphics with Forza and Mass Effect Andromeda, but there’s nothing wrong with attempting to piledrive your competitors out of the way.

The Scorpio is supposed to be much more powerful on the inside. The first improvements are with the CPU, coming in at 8 cores. It may seem small to people unfamiliar with these types of specs, but it definitely will make a difference when you don’t  hear the fans on your XBox going full blast, simply because your CPU is brushing the dirt off of its shoulder. After CPU modifications comes the GPU, being completely redesigned to use at its maximum potential, all the time. I mean, really, if I could get killer graphics every time I played Andromeda with little to no lag, there wouldn’t be any complaints in my corner.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Really, Griffin? That’s it? That’s all you had to say?” Well, yeah. Keep in mind these little things that are added to the Scorpio can make or break its performance. Being too powerful with not enough cooling can render the console completely useless after a couple seconds of gameplay. But getting this equation just right on every turn can be what sets your company off into the sunset as an industry leader.

This new console is expected to arrive in Quarter 4 of this year and will have high expectations all around.


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