Guide To Buying The Right Battery Packs

We all know somebody or is that somebody that has a backup battery that they swear by in tough situations. Let’s just say I’m that guy. Last week, a couple hundred thousand people in Michigan lost power in their homes due to extremely high winds (sounds fake I know). I was one of those homes. My house was one of the last 2000 to get power back, but after a whole week without it. If it weren’t for my battery packs, I would’ve had a dead phone for a couple days. Here are some ways to seek out the right external battery packs.

1. Find a trustworthy brand

First and foremost, you should want to buy almost everything from a verifiable brand or distributor, and this definitely includes your external battery. When you find prosperous and successful companies like Anker and Rav Power, you won’t want to get anything they sell anywhere else. Preferably find one that has a good warranty on their products, as malfunctions are not foreign in this industry.

Of course, I have tried off brands before. Some of them work amazingly and some short out before I even open the package. It is possible to survive with the cheapo option, but it’s very risky and unpredictable.

2. Figure out how much power you need

The iPhone 7 has 1,960 mAh of power, and the iPad Air 2 has 7,340 mAh. If all you need is power for your iPhone on the go, I recommend getting a battery pack around 3,000 mAh. These come extremely cheap and pack a punch for your phone. 

If you’re an absolute power user and haven’t figured out you need a charging case yet (which you do) you should look into the 6,000 mAh range. It’s the sweet spot in between not enough and overkill.

If you’re in the apocalyptic mindset like me, where you can never have too much power, your options should start at 10,000 mAh and go up from there. 

3. Good deals are always found on Amazon

If there’s any safe place to buy most of your electronics, it’s Amazon. What’s great about the website is that products will be sold with the same quality on Amazon as the original retailer’s website, and is usually discounted more on Amazon. I once was looking on Anker’s website to find a 6000 mAh battery and found it $20 off on Amazon. It’s unbelievable how much of a steal it is. Trust me, unless your product came out just a month or so earlier, get it on Amazon.

If there’s anything else you should know from this guide, it would be to make your own decision. Don’t let advertising on websites, spam from different companies or your peer’s choices force you into a box of decisions. The realm of choices is endless to start, and it should start confining by your decisions.

And to just counteract everything I just said and to be very hypocritical, I recommend Anker as a great place to start looking. Their arsenal of batteries is just incomparable and a definite bang for your buck every time. Trust me, they know what they’re doing. 

Take my advice: don’t let the reason that you have a dead phone be because you bought an unexplainable risk of technology on eBay.


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