Why the Nintendo Switch release date should have been pushed back

It’s just so simple that I don’t understand why they didn’t move back the release date of the Nintendo Switch.

Let’s think about this for a second. Who’s is of the benefit of having just one hit game to come out with a new console? In order to have a successful launch, a company must be accounting for every type of gamer. The Nintendo Switch is not for most gamers at the moment.


Let’s take a look at some of the games that will be coming out later this year. Super Mario Odyssey, Skyrim, NBA 2K18, FIFA and Ultra Street Fighter II are just about anything a person like me could ask for; traditionally console-made games being made specifically for the Nintendo Switch. In my opinion, if Nintendo would have waited until at least three of these games came out, I could bet the sales would match, if not be more than the sales of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Not to mention Fire Emblem Warriors, which I am very stoked to hear is coming to the Switch.


Speaking of Legend of Zelda, why not talk about it? This RPG is just so decorated with great graphics and new features that it’s very hard not to like. That being said, there is always going to be an army of people who oppose all RPG’s and would only buy a Switch if it had NBA 2k18 and/or FIFA. This is the crossroads that Nintendo was faced with when deciding the release date of their newest console. Heck, they even put Skyrim in the trailer for it, and still won’t be releasing Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch until close to the end of this year. Way to get my, and practically every Elder Scrolls gamer’s hopes up, Nintendo…(cc Bethesda on that one).


Now would I be surprised if down the road Nintendo comes out with more bundles around Black Friday in order to skyrocket their sales? No, I would absolutely be expecting them to do that. Where the problem lies with me is that there is simply just not enough diversity in choice of gaming experiences for the time being. The only two games I purchased were Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and 1 2 Switch, the Switch that should have come with every Nintendo Switch instead of making customers pay $50 for this gimmick I just experienced. I’m going to return it in order to get my favorite childhood multiplayer game, Super BomberMan R.

The color matches my website!

This is an absolutely great product, in my opinion. The hardware, software, accessories and experience are just so great that you barely see any console nail all aspects of what the perfect console should be. Nintendo Switch has come the closest by far, with portability, dexterity, and stylishness. It’s just a tad ahead of schedule.


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