Here’s Why Cutting The Cord With Audio Is Crucial.

Listen, I get it; it’s hard to make changes-I once refused to watch any other tv show besides “The Office” simply because my great mind thought it was important to watch the whole 9 seasons 3 times in a row but once you step over that pillar of cutting the cord, you’ll wish you would have done it years ago.

I’m gonna make this article short and sweet

The keyword is simplicity

Photo via Amazon

Think of this: sitting on the couch with your laptop with those classic Apple EarPods. You reach over to get your refreshing cup of mountain dew (or whatever the hell you want) and the EarPods either rip out of your ears violently or out of your computer even more violently. Wouldn’t you like to not deal with this situation? It’s so terrible to me that people are still having trouble with this ordeal when the solution is right in front of them: get wireless headphones. With wireless headphones, you can get in any comfortable or uncomfortable position you’d like while on the couch, in bed, at the table, etc, and still keep your listening experience intact.

The next big issue solved is compatibility

Photo via GTrusted

Since getting the iPhone 7, I’ve had three choices when it comes to listening to anything through headphones: The lightning Apple EarPods, that god awful 3.5 mm to lightning adapter (never again, please) and wireless. The great thing about wireless is that it’s not just for one connector type; it’s for anything with a Bluetooth connection, which is almost all of the devices coming out at the moment. This means you don’t need one pair of headphones for a certain device and whole new set of headphones for another. It’s a keystone example of getting a bang for your buck.

The last reason you should get on the wireless train is functionality

Photo via CNet

These wireless audio devices were not intended to give out the notion that if the connection isn’t wired, it’s not good. The drivers in wireless audio devices are the same as wired headphones or speakers, and sometimes even more. This is so you don’t lose any audio quality when going from wired to wireless. These companies have successfully bridged the gap between noticing the differences of wired and wireless connectivity for audio listening. In fact, it sometimes sounds better wirelessly!

These companies don’t make wireless products just to awe you at their functionality (although that is a factor in your subconscious buying habits). They also make these for you to not deal with all the complications of untangling your headphones,  being tethered to a device instead of walking away with freedom and fiddling with your devices headphone cutout trying to shove the 3.5 mm connector all the way in. Instead of dealing with all the fuss, switch over to wireless. Just getting one Bluetooth-enabled device will change your idea of how technology was made to be used.


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