Unlimited Data! …With Limits…

Great! Most wireless companies are getting on the customers’ bandwagon and adding an unlimited data plan for families and single lines. But can you really call it unlimited if there are some, no, many limits?

For the sake of this article, I will just be going over T-Mobile’s data plans in order to not bore you after 10 minutes of reading.


In this T-Mobile ad for prepaid customers, they are claiming unlimited 4G data with no annual contract. On the cover, it definitely seems like a great deal. But what you don’t usually look at closely is the pricing and limits on the right side of the ad, which would tell a very different story.

Starting with the $50 plan, you would receive unlimited minutes, texting, and web browsing. In the fine print under it, you will see it states, “First 100 megabytes at up to 4G speed”. What they are saying is you got about a half an hour outside of wifi to do anything you want with their fast data, until it inevitably goes to 3G data, slowing you down for the rest of your day.

The $60 plan, to put it bluntly, is just the in between to get you to the $70 plan.  It’s the “Oh, honey it’s only $10 more a month. Why don’t we just go to the top plan?”. The top plan of course actually being unlimited 4G data. No need to explain this plan that much more besides showing you that it’s 2 Gigabytes of 4G data instead of a measly 100 Megabytes.


Now, what is it that’s different between these plans? Oh, there’s actually only one real unlimited plan when you break it down. When these service companies are saying, “free data for 1 GB”, it’s like me selling you a couch, saying, ” If you pay $500, this couch is free!” Well yeah, free from holding on to my money…


What is sad to me is that T-Mobile is pricing their unlimited data plan at $50 a month. This is not just stretching the truth; it’s an absolute lie. I don’t support most phone service companies on this subject of hiding the actual prices in order to attract customers.

When it comes down to the needs of people in this era, you can’t just disconnect from your service provider. It connects you to work, school, gaming, staying fit, staying organized and keeping in touch with loved ones of course. What’s even scarier than being forced into one of the phone service plans is that these companies know you need their services, even if you despise everything they stand for. Therefore, these prices will never go down. It is downright terrifying how inelastic this business is. The people will keep on signing up, and the companies will keep on short-handing their services.



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