Kicker Tabor: The Best Bluetooth Headphones You’ve Never Heard Of

Everyone knows about the top tier headphone companies like Bose, Beats and Sony, etc. After those types of brands, there’s an endless amount of amateur companies selling overpriced garbage. But every once and a while, you can find a diamond in the rough.

Ron and the great people at Kicker were very nice and sent me a pair of Tabors to review. Kicker Audio has made the Tabors, a pair of headphones that stand out from the rest for all the good reasons. Let me break it down for you.


Starting with the design, The Tabors are an over-the-ear bluetooth headphone. The swivel ear pads are very cushy and spacious, and the perforated headband feels like a pillow. The comfort definately there, but after about 45 minutes, you do start to feel the weight of the headphones. When I simply took off the headphones for 2 seconds and then put them right back on problem was solved.The right headphone has separate volume and track control, with volume in the back and track control in the front. The drivers are what really caught my eye; they’re 50 mm drivers. Yup, that wasn’t a typo. To put that in perspective, the AudioTechnica ATH M50’s, the famed headphones of the audiophile world, have 45 mm drivers on the inside.

The only things about the design that I would have wanted to see would be to fold/collapse for more portability, and my personal preference would have been to make the outer part of the headphone cans matte instead of a glossy finish. Again, just my preferences.


The battery life of the Tabors are not bad at all. 10 hours of music and video playback bodes very well for people using these at home, coffee shops, etc.

The pairing process is just like any other bluetooth device, yet I’ve seen some complaints recently in threads on reddit, saying you may have to keep pairing them every time you use them. This is not been a problem for me, so it’s possible it was just a user issue or a single product defect.Yes, you can use these to take calls, but I would not say this is a vital accessory. These headphones are great even without the built-in microphone. It’s like when you get a gift for your loved one and they go “Aw, you didn’t have to do that!” meaning they’re still happy you did “do that”.

137b6a7c-60c8-4bd4-82e7-e2aeed9c102bNow let’s get to probably the most important buying factor, the audio quality. Personally, I am kind of picky with how I want music to sound. The Tabors are above average in all areas, as they drive home a good stage. They cater to basically everyone, in the sense that if you’re a basshead, they punch out the lows just enough to give you your fix. If you’re all about hearing the clarity of the high notes, they’re not gonna disappoint you on the treble aspect of sound. And as the mids are usually forgotten in many popular headphones, they were not left behind in this pair. They give off this warm sound stage that is like a roomy car that let’s you breathe and get away from the complexities of your day.


Kicker has done something amazing. The Tabors have covered almost everything I’d ask for in a over-the-ear bluetooth headphones: great design and comfortable, decent battery life, and great sound quality. All I’m trying to say is that it’d be pretty hard to convince me not to buy the Kicker Tabors

To purchase the Kicker Tabors, click here


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