3 Cool Tech Items Under $30

There’s many ways to waste your money by lurking on amazon for the next interesting gadget or piece of technology. Sometimes you’ll love what you received, while other times it’s the complete opposite reaction. With this risk, it is very reasonable to not be willing to pay too much. That’s why I’ve scoured amazon for you to find some of the coolest and most interesting pieces of technology, all under $30.

Before we move on, please realize that this list is in no particular order or ranking. I just tend to babble about things until I can’t anymore (Hence the name of this website).

Aukey Table Lamp ($30)

Photo via Jonathan Morrison
Now let me start off by telling you that you’ve never had a lamp like this. Aukey’s new table lamp is touch-enabled to turn on and off and to switch in between different modes. To turn it on level one of three, tap or touch the silver cylinder at the bottom of the lamp. To get it brighter, tap again, and the brightest setting is to tap 3 times. If you are interested in the different colors, touch and hold your touch on the lamp for a couple of seconds in order to activate the RBG lamp fading experience. It is a very relaxing and interesting sight to see fade in and out of colors seamlessly. and all of this for just $30 is what has gotten me hooked.

Mighty Mug Biggie ($20)

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I’m always a sucker for getting a bang for your buck, and this is one of those moments where you feel like you’ve made a great decision. At first glance it seems as though I’m about to talk to you about a coffee cup that has nothing to do with tech. Well, you’re half right.

The lovely people at Mighty Mug were kind enough to send me 2 mugs to look at and test out. Their slogan for Mighty Mug is “The Mug That Won’t Fall Over”. I have to admit, it seems so crazy, yet so simple that it is a genius idea. The day after I was sent the mugs, I witnessed one of my colleagues drop their water container and it went everywhere on the floor. Thankfully, it was just water, but I had to tell them about this mug. They ordered one that night. Here’s Lew from Unbox Therapy to show you how it works

Their SmartGrip Technology on the bottom of every mug, cup and container keeps the product from tipping over. Don’t call it suction, as this is their patent-pending idea that has skyrocketed their business exponentially, and for good reason, too.

Carved Traveler Wood Case ($29)


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Ok, I know my last post was specifically about cases, but this one has seriously caught my eye. The great people at Carved sent me this wonderful case that has a wood backing carved all from real wood around the world. They also have a custom option that let’s you put your name carved on your case, the type of wood you want to have, and other possible default shapes and images. Of course, that’s gonna cost you between $54-$59 for the custom case, but thats respectable. The sides are TPU rubber and have these very grippy and comfortable ridges to keep you from having the wood case slide out of your hand.

All in all, this company as a whole has found the perfect niche for themselves. These kinds of cases are great for all occasions, like going to school, family or friend event, or just chilling at home. There are so many options that I simply want half of their whole collection. They also have a bluetooth speaker with a wood outer shell that I would really like to get my hands on soon. (Medieval Voice) Praise be to the people of Carved!

Having talked about these three items, they’re not extreme, go-insane-type of products. These are the simple products that can be made to sound so simple, yet make some of the greatest improvements, whether it’s in your workspace with the Aukey Table Lamp, On the go with the Mighty Mug, or subtly trying to show your friends your case until they are forced to ask,”That case is so cool. Where’d you get it?”. The eye-opening things on this list makes me wonder two things: how I’ve been functioning without these things for so long, and why weren’t these products invented decades ago.


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