Battery Case Showdown: Mophie Juice Pack Air Vs. Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7

It would be kind of cool to call this a David Vs. Goliath Story, with Apple being Goliath of course, but it simply is not true. Apple may be a very successful technology company, capturing the attention of the whole world and the people on it, but Mophie has been around for a while and has consistently been the face of the battery case scene.

Let’s get into it. The cases do one thing the same and everything else different: they charge your phone. When Apple and Mophie created their latest cases, they definitely were most focused on convenience.


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Starting with the Apple Smart Battery Case, it has been a gamechanger.  This case uses lightning charging for the case (not found barely anywhere else) meaning you won’t have to switch all of your chargers to micro usb. The feel of this case in your hand is unbelievable. The rubberized outer shell  has an extra grip to really keep it in your hand and/or pocket. The battery bump that it uses is a very hybrid design for a battery case, but it simply works. Not only does it add a great design to draw your attention, but also gives you a little more grip to the case on top of how it already feels.


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Now since Apple is the most well known for thinking different, they added their originality to the Smart Battery Case. Since its their own product, Apple added the battery viewer to their software for their case and their case only.

The concept of this case is to use the battery of the case first until it runs out, and then use the phones’ battery. And I have to say, it definitely works. You never have to worry about your phone dying, even on a prolonged and heavy usage type of day. 

There was only one flaw I found with my Smart Battery Case, and it is major. I can not confirm for others, but I have noticed that this case has slightly weakened my iPhone’s battery when it is not in the case. Since it uses the cases battery first, it charges the phone all day and keeps it at 100%. After a couple days and a couple of manual restarts on my iPhone, the problem was solved. This is a very big issue that I would expect not to happen, coming from the company who made both the case and the phone. 

jpa-ip7p-nvy-blk-ip_front-back-left-3qtr_2000pxMoving right along to the next case, Mophie has done it again and made a great case. Their new Juice Pack Air looks very similar to last years model. In a way, this is not a bad thing. Their cases have been tried and tested and major news outlets have verified them as a reliable company. The reason this year is a big step for Mophie is because of the removal of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. This brought them to the conclusion that a new addition to the Juice Pack Series should be made. After all, the only way to listen through wired connection on an iPhone 7 is with the lightning adapter or lightning headphones. This is not possible at the moment with Mophie,  since they have a micro usb charging port. Now, this is not at all a big deal to me, as I possess plenty of well-working wireless headphones and earbuds. But this may be an issue to the average consumer who just acquired their new iPhone and refuses to let go of their headphones. My advice is to simply adapt. Anyways, I digress, The new feature they added to the Juice Pack Air is wireless charging.

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For an extra $35, you can use the capabilities of wireless charging, or Charge Force as they word it, on your new Mophie case. This base adds a vast amount of simplicity to not just the case and the iPhone, but to your daily routine to plug your charger in. Now all you have to do is set your phone down and go to bed. I think it is a good thing that apple did not include Qi charging in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Allow me to rave a little: The case provides extra battery, giving you more power and options to use your phone longer with less consequences. And the wireless charging aspect of the case simplifies the experience of charging your iPhone. But this also kills two birds with one stone, by wireless charging both at the same time, granted, whenever you charge the case by wireless or wired connectivity, it charges the iPhone first and then the case. The bases have an extremely great hold on the case and the iPhone in general. There are three variations of the wireless charging accessories: a base (seen in photo above), a desk stand, and something I will definitely be using in the future, the vent mount.

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The only thing that could possibly set me back a tiny bit was it’s grip: it’s just barely there. Don’t get me wrong, it is fairly easy and comfortable to hold in the hand, but I cannot ignore the fact that the only reason there is a small crack in the right bottom corner of my case is because the grip is almost nonexistent. I wish I wouldn’t have to say this, but I advise you to get a screen protector if you are at all clumsy. If you death grip your phone like I do when I walk near sewers (I’m afraid my phone will fall through the sewer cutouts. My worst nightmare) you may just be fine.

Bringing this comparison to a close, there is a little back and forth action in my head of which I prefer. I can’t choose for you (Hint: may the force be with you), as your reasons for getting one case over another may be entirely different than my explanations and preferences. If you’re a risk-taker who isn’t afraid to show their creativeness, go for the Apple Smart Battery Case. If you are ready to unleash the power of the (Charge) Force, while agreeing the terms and conditions of dropping your phone twice a week and praying nothing happened, then get a Mophie Juice Pack Air and don’t look back. In my complete honest opinion, you wouldn’t go to a grocery store to get worms for fishing if there’s a worm shop right next to it. In a less gross fishing metaphor, I’m trying to say leave the phone-making with Apple, and go with Mophie, the most well-known charging case company for your case needs.


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